How can a Design Leader design an Org? With Peter Merholz

Rafael Burity
2 min readDec 9, 2021


Well, It seems a little strange for you to follow our content for a long time, but we decided to start this new project for the Bom Dia UX, or Good Morning UX, with such special-international guests.

For this beginning, we decided to start with 6 professionals who are references for us and that have so much history in our industry.

You will need to discover between us each guest and the subject that we prepared for you. Let’s go together into this new challenge and project.

But, You don’t need to be afraid, The Bom Dia UX doesn’t end. The Brazilian version will come back next year in the same way, always live every Wednesday at 7 am. For this first day, we decided to launch 2 episodes at once. Today, you can watch the first and the second episodes.

This episode is about this scenario in which we are living as designers when we became so important and have been rising a lot of positions of leadership for designers. We have reached the dream place that we are an important piece for the improvement and growth of companies, especially in the tech ones.

For this, we invited the great Peter Merholz to talk to us about our capability to create and design organizations.

  • Are designers prepared to assume (to take on) these rising leadership positions in our industry?
  • Have designers been dealing with these opportunities with wisdom?
  • What kind of knowledge is important for designers to do the best work as leaders?

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Org Design for Design Orgs: Building and Managing In-House Design Teams

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